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Just a short stroll to Wonder Lake, this .14 Acre lot is ideal for anyone looking to build their lake community cottage. Zoned R-1 Single-Family Residential District for single-family detached residential development. Area amenities include beaches, yacht club and regional parks.  OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE!!! NO CREDIT CHECK AND LOW PAYMENTS! Direct Message Anytime! Call or Text Jim Skirven: 240-842-3582 Email: We are and we find awesome properties at below market values which allows us to make a small profit and pass the savings along to someone else still below market value leaving plenty of options and profit potential! You can build your Lake Side getaway with this lot situated on .14 Acres in Wonder Lake, IL. This lot is perfect for getting away from it all! Direct Message Anytime: Call or Text Jim Skirven: 240-842-3582

Email: *Terms and Conditions: This land is being sold in as is condition. Seller makes no representations, warranties of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied. All prospects buyers are urged to do their own due diligence to their own satisfaction prior to purchase of this property. All information contained in this listing page has come from reliable sources and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. There will be no delinquent back year taxes at time of conveyance. Current year taxes are the buyer’s responsibility.

APN / Parcel #: 09-07-102-005
Property Address: 8005 White Oaks Rd, Wonder Lake, IL 60097, USA
County: McHenry Co
State: Illinois
Lot Number: 4
Legal Description: DOC 2015R0037368 (TAX DEED) LT 4 BLK 3 WHITE OAKS BAY UNIT 1
Parcel Size: 0.1492 acres
Subdivision: WHITE OAKS BAY #1
Approximate Dimensions: 145.24 ft x 54.20 ft x 145.97 ft x 52.75 ft Approx
GPS Center Coordinates (Approximate): 42.39970147956991, -88.35320043150594
GPS Corner Coordinates (Approximate): 42.3999015300476, -88.35330235544185
42.399903510742206, -88.35310387198771
42.3995014284544, -88.353299673233
42.39950340916165, -88.35309850757002
Google map link:
Elevation: 846.5 ft
Market Value: N/A
Access to the property? (Dirt/ Paved/ Plated but not Built/ No Roads (Land Lock) or Other) Paved Road
Closest major city: McHenry – 18 min (9.2 miles)
If No Address or 0 address: Closest Property with Numbered Address 8005 White Oaks Rd, Wonder Lake, IL 60097, USA
Closest small town: Spring Grove – 15 min (9.5 miles)
Nearby attractions: Harrison Benwell Conservation Area – 7 min (3.9 miles)
Groundhog Day Walking Tour – 16 min (9.4 miles)
Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve – 16 min (9.8 miles)
Safari Lake Geneva (reopening May 1st) – 19 min (13.7 miles)
Stickney Run Conservation Area – 22 min (11.4 miles)
Tristan Crist Magic Theatre – 22 min (15.8 miles)
Volo Auto Museum – 23 min (13.9 miles)
EscapeQuest – 26 min (15.5 miles)
Onesti’s Wild West Town – 34 min (21.6 miles)
Ice Castles – 38 min (23.3 miles)
Assessor Website
Assessor Contact 815-334-4290
Treasurer Website
Treasurer Contact 815-334-4260
Recorder/Clerk Website
Recorder/Clerk Contact (815) 334-4110
Zoning or Planning Department Website
Zoning or Planning Department Contact (815) 334-4560
County Environmental Health Department Website
County Environmental Health Department Contact 815.334.4510
GIS Website
CAD Website N/A
Electricity Company Name & Phone Number Nuclear Utility Products – (815) 344-1166
Water Company Name & Phone Number Northern Illinois Utilities – (815) 653-2961
Sewer Company Name & Phone Number A Better Plumber & Sewer Company Inc. – (847) 223-8837
Gas Company Name & Phone Number Nicor Gas – (888) 642-6748
Waste Company Name & Phone Number Waste Management – McHenry, IL Hauling – (866) 570-4702
Are the taxes of this property current or delinquent? 2019 taxes is unpaid
Are there any back taxes for this property? None
How much is the annual property tax? $679.73 (2019)
Are there any tax liens for this property? None
County Operator Details who Confirmed the Information: Ms. Fran 815-334-4260
What is the zoning of the property? (Residential/Commercial/Agricultural/etc) R-1 Single-Family Residential District
Terrain type? (Is it flat /slope/etc) Level
Property use code? n/a
Is the land cleared? (Yes/No) Wooded
Is the property buildable? (Yes/ No/Maybe/ etc.. write whatever the county has to say) Purpose: This District is intended to provide areas for single-family detached residential development with the necessary one–half (1/2) acre minimum lot area necessary for on-site septic systems.

Non-Conforming Lots in the R-1 District: With respect to such existing development, it is acknowledged that much of this existing development is located on lots, which contain less than the one-half (1/2) acre otherwise required. Under the terms of this ordinance, such lots will be considered as lawful nonconforming uses and may be developed if they were lawfully established.

What can be built on the property? (Different types of homes that we can build on the lots.) Permitted Uses:
(1) Home occupations
(2) Single-family detached dwellings
(3) Permitted Public Uses
(4) Temporary buildings or trailers for construction purposes for a period not to exceed the period of construction
(5) Uses, buildings and structures accessory to all permitted uses in the district.

Conditional Uses: Subject to the provisions of Article XVIII, Section G:
Conditional Uses.
(1) Conditional Public Uses
(2) Cemeteries
(3) Group Homes
(4) Planned Developments
(5) Religious institutions and houses of worship as defined herein and only on sites of one acre or greater
(6) Uses, buildings and structures accessory to all conditional uses in the district.

Can we camp on the property? (If we buy this property can the owner camp there?) Yes/No No
Notes on Camping Camping is not allowed
Are RV’s allowed on the property? No
Note’s on RV’s RVs are not allowed
Are Mobile homes allowed on the property? No
Notes on mobile homes Mobile homes are not allowed
Are tiny houses or small cabins allowed in the property? Not allowed
Is there a total size restriction for any structures on the lot? Maximum Lot Coverage 30%
Are there any building height restrictions? (yes/ No) How many ft… please take down notes from the county Maximum Height:
Principal Use – 35′
Accessory Use / Structure – 17’, but no taller than principal structure
What are the setbacks of the lot? Minimum Yards: Single Family
Front: 15% / 29’ (1)
Corner side: 20% of the lot width but need not exceed 29’
Minimum Side: 10% / 10’ (1) (2)
Rear: 20% / 29’(1)
Abutting Arterial: 50′
What is the minimum lot size to build on the property? Minimum Lot Area: Single Family
21,528 square feet, provided that new lots containing less than 21,528 square feet may be approved in the R-1 District through the planned development process (or minor planned development process for subdivisions containing a total of one (1) acre or less) subject to density limitations established as part of the approval.
Is there any time limit to build? Not aware of
Is there a County or City Impact fee required to build and if so how much does this cost? None, but there is a building permit fee and he is not aware of the cost.
Is the property in a flood zone and if so what needs to be done to the lot in order to build? Not in the flood zone area
Any other restrictions? n/a
County Operator Details who Confirmed the Information: Ms. Lori – 815-728-0839
Jim Cavanaugh – 815-728-1233
Is the property in the city or MUD district? ( Please refer to FEMA)

Note: MUD (Mixed Used Development) meaning it’s a a zoning type that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses into one space.

Wonderlake Village
Is the property located inside or outside city limit?

If Inside City: It means water and sewer is provided by the city (You need to confirm it)
IF Outside City: It considered under County, means water can be built through deep well (You need to confirm it)

Wonderlake Village
Does the property have water connected? (Yes, No, Waterline on the street/road or Do Not Know) Not available
If YES… (Put the company name and the phone number of the provider) n/a
If it’s in the area (Put the street name where the main water line is located.) n/a
If NO: (Ask if we do we have to dig a well, or, is there any utility company who provides water in the area where the property is located.) Would need to have a private well
Does the property currently have Sewer or septic? (Confirm If Sewer or Septic is on Site: Select either; Sewer, Septic, or None) Not available
If YES (confirm if it’s a SEWER or SEPTIC: Is it provided by the county / city or private company?) Would need to have a private septic
Please ask the details of the Company Name & the Contact information ….(Call and Confirm if it’s the right company) n/a
If NO: Do we need to install septic? (YES/NO) or a septic system is already installed in the property? Yes
If the septic system has to be installed, (Ask if do we need to percolate the soil?) Yes
Does the property currently have electricty connected? (Yes, No or Do Not Know) Not connected, but electricity is available
What is the electric company name (Confirm If there is Electric company Service in the area – Select either City, Community, None etc.) Commonwealth Edison Co: 877-426-6331
What type of gas does this area service? (Propane gas/Natural gas/ tank gas/etc) Propane Gas
For waste….
Will the county or city pick up the trash?
Wonderlake Village
If YES… Get the details of the company name and contact information that service in the area…

NOTE: If NO, (Ask if it’s responsibility of the property owner.)

County Operator Details who Confirmed the Information: Ms. Lori – 815-728-0839
Jim Cavanaugh – 815-728-1233

Property Features
  • Land is 0.14 acre