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Drew Hill
Drew Hill

What We Do

Everyone loves a great deal!

Here at Property Wholesalers our objective is to find awesome properties at unbelievable prices! Our key ingredient to making this all work can be summed up in one word, research! We spend countless hours performing research to find properties which are acquired well below market value allowing us to offer properties at wholesale prices. Our properties are listed at a minimum of 25% below market value and in some instances 50% – 60% below market value!

Furthermore, with few decades of experience in the real estate industry I guess you could say we are a bit “old school” and still believe in a win-win transaction. Considering our properties are sold well below market value it provides the buyer with many options such as: resale the property for a quick profit, build a vacation or dream home, rent the property or simply hold onto it and let it grow in value. This is especially true for raw land, my father always said “they aren’t making any more land”.