Sold $29,500
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Sold $29,500

.66 Acres in Canton, MS

Residential Sold -

The jewel of Madison County, Canton is one of the best places to live in Mississippi. And this lot is in one of the best neighborhoods! Just minutes from downtown, nearby golf courses, and walking distance from one of the areas premier private schools, this lot is the perfect location to stake your claim in upscale living. Canton is home to Nissan North America, which has produced more than 4 million vehicles! The Parcel number for this lot is 093I20B068 and legal LOT FRONTING 110 FT ON N/S KATHY CIR OUT LOTS 9 & 10 KATHY SUBD 9&10 C. OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE!!! NO CREDIT CHECK AND LOW PAYMENTS! Direct Message Anytime! Call or Text Drew Hill: 410-428-6800 Email: We are and we find awesome properties at below market values which allows us to make a small profit and pass the savings along to someone else still below market value leaving plenty of options and profit potential! Get your family into this exclusive neighborhood with this lot situated on .66 Acres in the Kathy subdivision. Houses in this neighborhood are some of the largest in Canton! Direct *Terms and Conditions: There may be a low documentation fee of for this lot. We will prepare all documentation and record the deed for you. This land is being sold in as is condition. Seller makes no representations, warranties of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied. All prospects buyers are urged to do their own due diligence to their own satisfaction prior to purchase of this property. All information contained in this listing page has come from reliable sources and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. There will be no delinquent back year taxes at time of conveyance. Current year taxes are the buyer’s responsibility.

  • Minutes from Downtown Canton
  • Premier Private School in Neighborhood
  • Canton Country Club 3 Miles Away
  • The Links of Madison County Golf Course just 4.8 Miles Away
  • Home to Nissan North America
  • Ross Barnett Reservoir 8 Miles Away!

APN / Parcel #: 093I20B068
Account # or GEO #: 31779
Property Address: CANTON, MS, 39046
County: Madison
State: MS
Lot Number: Lots 9 & 10
Legal Description: LOT FRONTING 110 FT ON N/S KATHY CIR OUT LOTS 9 & 10 KATHY SUBD 9&10 C
Parcel Size: 0.66 acres
Subdivision: KATHY
Approximate Dimensions: 259.25 ft x 92.90 ft x 257.07 ft x 122.01 ft Approx
GPS Center Coordinates (Approximate): 32.6017, -90.0197
GPS Corner Coordinates (Approximate): 32.60201, -90.01990
32.60131, -90.01990
32.60130, -90.01961
32.60200, -90.01951
Google map link:
Elevation: 236.2 feet
Access to the property? (Dirt/ Paved/ Plated but not Built/ No Roads (Land Lock) or Other) Paved
If others, please specify: None
Is there a Structure No
Closest major city: Canton Mississippi 39046, USA – 5 min (1.9 miles)
If No Address or 0 address: Closest Property with Numbered Address 619 S Kathy Cir
Canton, MS 39046, USA
Closest small town: Richton Mississippi 39110, USA – 14 min (9.6 miles)
Nearby attractions: Red Bud Park – 6 min (2.1 miles)
Dollar General Market – 8 min (3.2 miles)
McDonald’s – 8 min (3.6 miles)
Canton Parks & Recreation Department – 9 min (5.3 miles)
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen – 11 min (4.0 miles)
Walmart Supercenter – 12 min (6.1 miles)
Assessor Website N/a
Assessor Contact N/a
Treasurer Website
Treasurer Contact (601) 859-1921
Recorder/Clerk Website
Recorder/Clerk Contact (601) 859-1177
Zoning or Planning Department Website
Zoning or Planning Department Contact (601) 856-7116
County Environmental Health Department Website
County Environmental Health Department Contact (601) 856-7116
GIS Website
CAD Website N/a
Electricity Company Name & Phone Number Phoenix Electrical Contractors, Inc. – 601-824-0208
Water Company Name & Phone Number Madison Public Works Department – 601-856-895
Sewer Company Name & Phone Number Madison Public Works Department – 601-856-8958
Gas Company Name & Phone Number N/a
Waste Company Name & Phone Number Madison South Landfill – 601-981-5577
Are the taxes of this property current or delinquent? Paid and full
Are there any back taxes for this property? If yes, how much is the amount owed? No back taxes
How much is the annual property tax? Zero
Are there any tax liens for this property? If yes, how much is the amount owed?

Note: Most of the time the county does not have access to this data because they don’t know if there are any mortgages or any kinds of liens.

Is property part of an HOA No access for an HOA
How much is the annual HOA due? N/a
Are there any HOA dues? If yes, how much is the total amount owed? N/a
County Operator Details who Confirmed the Information: Office: (601) 859-5226
What is the zoning of the property? (Residential/Commercial/Agricultural/etc) Single-Family Residential District
Terrain type? (Is it flat /slope/etc) Level
Property use code? R-1
Is the land cleared? (Yes/No) Cleared
Is the property buildable? Yes
What can be built on the property? Single-Family Dwelling Public
Accessory Building
Manufactured Homes with Hardship
Home Occupations
Can we camp on the property? No
Notes on Camping Camping is not allowed
Are RV’s allowed on the property? No
Note’s on RV’s RV’s not allowed
Are Mobile homes allowed on the property? No
Notes on mobile homes Mobile homes not allowed
Are tiny houses or small cabins allowed in the property? Yes/ No Not allowed
Is there a total size restriction for any structures on the lot? Yes/ No None
Are there any building height restrictions? (yes/ No) How many ft… please take down notes from the county Maximum Building Height: 35 ft
What are the setbacks of the lot? Minimum Yards:
Front Yard: 40 feet
Side Yard: 10feet
Rear Yard: 25 feet
What is the minimum lot size to build on the property? Minimum Lot Area: 12,000 Sq ft.
Is there any time limit to build? 6 months
Is there a County or City Impact fee required to build and if so how much does this cost? None
Is the property in a flood zone and if so what needs to be done to the lot in order to build? Not in the flood zone area
Any other restrictions? Zoning Map
County Operator Details who Confirmed the Information: (601)-859-4331_ Jemmy smith
Is the property in the city or MUD district? ( Please refer to FEMA)

Note: MUD (Mixed Used Development) meaning it’s a a zoning type that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses into one space.

Products for CANTON, CITY OF
Is the property located inside or outside city limit?

If Inside City: It means water and sewer is provided by the city

Does the property have water connected? No
If YES… None
If it’s in the area S Kathy Cir, Canton, MS 39046, USA
If NO: Canton Municipal Utilities +16018592921
Does the property currently have Sewer or septic? No
If YES (confirm if it’s a SEWER or SEPTIC: Is it provided by the county / city or private company?) None
Please ask the details of the Company Name & the Contact information Public sewer
If NO: Do we need to install septic? (YES/NO) or a septic system is already installed in the property? Canton Municipal Utilities +16018592921
If the septic system has to be installed, None
Does the property currently have electricty connected? Not connected
What is the electric company name Canton Municipal Utilities +16018592921
What type of gas does this area service? (Propane gas/Natural gas/ tank gas/etc) Canton Municipal Utilities +16018592921
For waste….
Will the county or city pick up the trash?
If YES… Get the details of the company name and contact information that service in the area…

NOTE: If NO, (Ask if it’s responsibility of the property owner.)

Canton Municipal Utilities +16018592921
County Operator Details who Confirmed the Information:

Property Features
  • Land is 0.66 acre
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